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N.T.S. packaging Company Limited convinced that creation of customers relation of all levels and our information revealment with frankly sincere communication , nurturing attention and our responsibility are factors those push our company to achievement in services giving to our customers which is apparently satisfactory. Our personnel regularly keep close coordination with customers so that we can obtain information that ensures that our company can produce the corrugated cartons in harmony with our customers’specific requirement. Our company has many methods in serving our principal customers and we simultaneously observe to each customer company’s system so that we can produce the corrugated containers in compliance to the same standard as required by individual product’s owner.  
  Transport   Another main factor of our customer serving is logistic system that can deliver our products at fully and completely circuit. It is a significant factor in giving services to customers who can be sure that we can deliver corrugated cartons to their hands timely as scheduled with efficiency. Besides the company regularly keeps evaluation of our delivery to inspect that our customers or clients can receive our goods completely in number at the time scheduled as well as analusis to find the defection in our delivery procedures so that we have to improve it next time. Besides we have our own vehicles for transportation which are always ready to give services with driver who have a great deal of experiences to manage our logistic service who can handle loading, unloading and storaging the ordered cartons properly and correctly and correctly into your warehouse with application of advanced technology that enables us to respond the customers’ requirement efficiently that every procedure can be done quickly.  
  Internet email   Arrangement of appropriate database becomes necessary basic thing for our planning and administration. Our company has adopted internet system to manage our works via website or internet application that our customers can order our goods more rapidly which strengthens our operation. Besides, our company applies multiple communication and information exchanges with many transporting companies and customers in order to cooperate to develop better efficient operation and jointly push the business to keep growing further and it enables our customers to receive information of our categories or forms of various corrugated cartons produced by our company that enhances the customers to identify name, type of cartons to order form the company and select the desirable raw material via simple method in filling data in our website’s already available forms.  
  Administration   :Precision and Prudence
Our customer services and operation will pass through the company’s various procedure, step by step, with concise standard and quality of work because our company consist of capable experienced teamworks so our cuetomers can ve fully sure in our prudence is certainlt cost-effective for individual customer.

Convenience and Speed
Various problems arisen shall be quickly remedied by our working team who enter to accept the problem with at once solution that the customers will be able to know the progression of workdone at all time . Besides the customer shall also receive fully convenient services with willingly service mind.

No advantage taken
Our company always regards customer’s burden and costs so in order to have them gain services fulfilled with cost-effective service content as well as the company ahall assist to give advices, how to plan vatious things in harmony with the customer’s business so our customers therefore shall gain truly benefits from our workdone that responds cost-effectively the goal.






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